How does a character transition from helpful quest giver to evil monster?  What must he do for us, as the adventurer, to change our mind and go from helpful assistant to murderer?

And are we, as the adventurer, right?

Warden Stillwater, Friend or Foe?

We meet a lot of different faces while traveling through Azeroth.  If you’ve even been a Forsaken, or simply a Horde member looking to complete all the quests available, then you’ve run into Warden Stillwater in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Stillwater is a newer character to us, helping Sylvanas increase the ranks of the Forsaken.  Due to their inablitlty to mate, they need to find new ways to increase their armies.  Sylvanas has taken to using the Val’kyr, but Stillwater believes the Val’kyr to be intruders, and begins testing ways to create new Forsaken in the Sludge Fields of the foothills.

But upon your first meeting, you find that something has gone wrong.

First You Help

Of course as the helpful adventurer, you decide to help Stillwater initially.  Stillwater seems a bit nervous, and of course he doesn’t want Sylvanas to know of his plans, as it goes against her use of the Val’kyr.  You begin by destroying his failures, or as much of them as you can.

Through your assistance, you’ll run into another Forsaken by the name of Master Apothecary Lydon.  He was imprisoned by Stillwater when he discovered that the warden’s experiments were actually killing Forsaken and turning them into mindless zombies.

And of course it all goes sideways.

Then You Kill

With Master Apothecary Lydon, you head back to the warden and confront him.   Of course this does not go well, and a fight ensues.  During this battle Stillwater actually transforms into a monster, and the fight becomes a bit harder.

If you are successful, you will have taken out a blight on the Forsaken.

If you fail, you may very well be a part of Stillwater’s experiments.

Is He Evil?

This brings up a larger question though.  Is Warden Stillwater evil for wanting to see the survival of his race?  The Forsaken will surely die out if more are not created.  Stillwater does partially understand that his experiments are failing.

Had we left him alone, could he have found something that works?

Where to Find Him

If you want to check out Warden Stillwater, head over to the Sludge Fields in Hillsbrad Foothills.  His coordinates are 36.2,61.1 at the front of a large building.

And tell him Machik says hi!

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