Introduction and General Weeks Events

So, World of Warcraft continues to be a thing, and Machik and Legren continue to be horrible at joining in.  Both have been entirely too preoccupied with the Overwatch Beta.

Luckily we still have Yamino to keep us moving in the right direction, as she continues to kick some but in that World of Warcraft.

Fantasy Fables

Another wonderful week of bring back Hannah!  That’s right, Legren reprises his female voice role in what should surely win him an Academy Award.  A story about Blood Elves and Orcs.  What could go wrong?

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Main Topic – Void Lords, Old Gods And Sargeras, Oh My

This week, we enter the darkness.  World of Warcraft: Chronicle continues to surprise us as we delve ever deeper into the lore.  And the Void Lords are something that we never fully encountered in game.  What surprised us the most was that the Old Gods were created by the Void Lords, to serve them.


You read that right.  And this is what is so nice about Chronicle.  The ability to piece together story lines that had missing fragments.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Two emails this week.  The first one comes once again from Farmer Gerald, that old rascal is brings us some really intriguing ideas and thoughts each week.  This week he broaches the subject of many of the items we talked about in the podcast.  And then has us revisit a certain death question.

And of course Machik gets skinned.

Then Will writes to us about his thoughts on shamanism.  And I will say, I was duly impressed.


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