Introduction and General Weeks Events


Machik and Yamino begin as they always do.  Chit chatting about their week in WoW.

Fantasy Fables

Open forum RP.  We’ve talked about it in the past.  And this weeks fable is just that.  It begins in a tavern.  Where will it end?  And will you be a part of it?  Check it out at to find out more.

Main Topic – A Leader For All


We begin a series on the faction leaders of the Warcraft universerse.  And there was really only one choice for the first show in the series.  Varian Wrynn.

The man.  The myth.  The Legend.

And boy does he have a background.  Though we only touch on a few parts of his life during the podcast, Varian is a major player in Warcraft.  And to know about him is to know about what the Alliance went through with the first invasion of the orcs.

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

  • None this week.

Reader Emails

This week we have two reader emails.  One comes once again from Alisaunder, one of our most prolific fans when it comes to emails and questions.  And it’s all about returning leaders. 

The second letter reminds me (Machik) why I started this podcast.

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