For three weeks now I have dressed and undressed, run old dungeons, and finished ancient quests. All in the hopes that I will be able to win at this new mini-game that Blizzard has added to World of Warcraft.  I’m will be the world first. I think it’s possible, but I have a lot more grinding to do. I’m just not sure there is an achievement yet though.

And yes, I’m talking about the new transmog setup.


Before we go any further, let’s talk about the changes that happened on July 19th, 2016.  Blizzard added a new collection tab called Appearances. This tab, which you find in the same panel as your mounts and pets, shows you all the of the armor that your character, or any character you’ve leveled with the same armor class, has earned since you started playing the game. I can find items that my mage received while leveling, and toss them on my priest as a transmog item. This only accounts for soulbound items. Which means you have to equip a piece of armor if you want it to show in your Appearances tab.  And it must be at least uncommon quality. This essentially means it should have some sort of stats.

What this means, for someone like me, is that I can finally drop all that old armor which had occupied my void storage and bank. And I can go on adventures of finding new armor to collect.  Without worrying that it will fill up my bag space.

Of course there are some negative changes as well. You can no longer turn off your helm and cloak wherever you are in the world.  Instead you have to search for a Transmorgrifier, though they are easily found in most of the major cities.

But, what, another positive?  You can also turn off your shoulders now.  My female priest won’t look like she’s straight from the 1980s anymore with those giant shoulder pads.

Oh, and one last thing, you can have different transmogs depending on your spec.  I’m in my holy spec, I look one fabulous way, and if I’m in my Disc spec, I have another spectacular outfit.

All of these changes mean that I’ve developed a mini-game within the game itself.

So many transmog names to pick from.


You’re probably thinking I’ve lost it.  There is no score kept for the amount of transmog pieces you find.  No flashy crits as you loot the next mob and get a rare looking pair of pants.  It’s all in my mind, and I should probably take something for it, right?

But Blizzard is smart.  They know that there are people out there, like me, who love changing how I look in-game.  Keeping the same outfit on for weeks on end will drive me crazy.  And I abhor the idea of not transmoging and showing the armor I’m actually wearing.

So, how do you play this mini-game of mine?  First you need to be ready for a long grind.  There are a lot of items out there, and you gotta “Catch them all,” as the Pokémon hunters say.  Here is a short rundown of the scoring:

  • Uncommon Quality – 1 point
  • Rare Quality – 2 points
  • Epic Quality – 3 points
  • Item Upgrade on Loot = Crit – Add 2 points to the quality you receive

And this is just the beginning.  Now of course, there is nothing built-in game, but can you imagine how fun this might be.  Blizzard could add so much to make this competitive.  I can see it now, TRANSMOG CHAMPIONSHIPS AT BLIZZCON!


Should Blizzard add more achievements related to transmog?  Of course they should.  For example, I would love to see an achievement pop up when I’ve finally collect all available blue shirts.  Or another that says I’ve collected all staves from Wrath dungeons.

Truthfully, transmog keeps me in-game these days.  I’ve bored of the garrison, like most people.  Dungeons lost their luster long ago.  And there is only so much Tanaan a person can handle.  But changing my outfits each day?  Yes please!

Sigh.  But I am the small minority.  I’ll keep collecting, and keep pretending I’m playing this mini-game.

And soon enough, I will be a World First Transmoger!

Tell me about what you like, or dislike about the new transmog system.  Leave a post at the bottom, or tweet @MachikED.