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Today’s episdoe was kind of exciting.  Legren, our local orc and I hosted our first live podcast session.  And yes, we will be continuing this tradition every week from here on out.

We loved it.

The interactions with our listeners made it amazing.  Though I have learned some lessons and will have them fixed by next week.

But Seriously, The Podcast

This week we covered a variety of topics, including some lore in regards to WoD.  The newest installment of Lords of War came out, and Durotan is officially the good guy.

We also bring up Hellscream again, and talk about how I want to play a priest.  Oh those heals!

The Interview

Eventually we get into our interview.  We learn the backstory of Roid/Darg/Ugan, and the wonderful Clan Stormfis on the Emerald Dream server.

So sit back, grab a chicken, and enjoy another episode of the LoreCraft Podcast!