Well, Legren and I finally put together a better format for the show.  It should feel a little more structured and a little less spastic.  And we need your help to fill in some of the spots.

Each week keep an eye out for our question of the week on Twitter.  Our handle is @thelorecraft.

Monthly Roleplay Contest!

We’ve decided to start a monthly story writing contest!  So if you’re interested in lore, keep reading.

Alright, this months contest is a roleplay story that revolved around Winter’s Veil in Azeroth.  If you feel like you can create a compelling story for our contest, then stop by the submission form, and include your story.

Also, each week we are going to give a guild the spotlight on the podcast.  So if you’re wanting to increase your membership, then fill our the guild spot app.  Remember, roleplay first guilds only.

That’s it for now, so enjoy!