This episode goes out the beginners out there.  We talk about Roleplay Dos and Don’ts.  These are things that you should think about as you create your character and bring him into the world of Warcraft!

Show Notes

Do’s of Roleplay

  • Abide by the lore
  • Know that your character is not invincible (An arrow to the thigh hurts an orc just as much as it’d hurt you in real life.)
  • Be willing to have your character lose fights
  • Know that you’re character is not the center of all role play
  • Add three-dimensionality to your character’s personality
  • Take part in different types of role play events, whether they’re boring or not. (To gain experience and see how your character reacts in each individual one.)
  • Write about your characters outside of the game as well
  • Immersion, Immersion, Immersion
  • Be Courteous and Friendly with RP members
  • Correct Grammar/Punctuation

Do Not’s of role play

  • Do not be a Mary Sue
  • No god-moding
  • Don’t take IC conflict personal.  It’s about the character and story.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new.  You never know when you’ll create an interesting character.
Listener Do’s
  • Correct Grammar and Punctuation – Vargrok
  • Create flawed characters. Flaws make a character interesting. – Autumnbrush
  • Make an entrance of some kind so people know you are IC… and don’t assume someone else is IC just because you see their toon there. – Taylani

Listener Don’ts

  • Don’t criticize people for how dey roleplay, but do give tips ef requested. – Warchief Vol’Jin
  • Biggest one is godmodding. – Tiriel
  • People shouldn’t reference a ton of knowledge their character shouldn’t know or have ICly. (Example: People running around yelling how they know everything about Wrathion, the Dark Portal, and Garrosh’s timelines, etc.) – Vargrok
  • It’s hard for some people not to cross rp, but using OOC information for IC play is a no no. – Taylani
  • Super powerful, super perfect characters are boring. There’s no room for growth. The audience can’t relate to characters like that either. –
  • Don’t try to dictate what other people RP on their own time? But on the flipside, if you’re RPing in a certain setting its best to follow the basics of lore when RPing in public. – Toie
  • Talk about not being a special snowflake – like, being more “average” – Pustule
  • Don’t put subjective stuff in your TRP. Like saying their character is oh-so-beautiful… – Lurlei/Autumnbrush
  • Don’t confuse OOC with IC. – Ravenhul
  • If you’re new, don’t be afraid to jump in. The best way to develop a character is to just start playing around with them with other RPers. Also I encourage an addon such as TRP2. Not necessary, but it allows you to get a sense of what other characters are like on the realm if you’re new. – Dahlrenn
Other Comments
  • How bout if your gonna stay drama ic be ready for /duel – Gordrall