Introduction and General Weeks Events

A sad week indeed.  Yamino is out sick, so it was up to Legren and Machik to hold down the fort.  We did find out that Yamino was getting a well needed rest.

On the other hand, Legren and Machik were terrible at playing WoW this week.  But they had good reason.  They were too busy reading World of Warcraft: Chronicle, Volume I.  Now, before you head down the rabbit hole, there are book spoilers this week.  So beware.

Don’t worry though, Legren and Machik promised to do some Warcraft this week.  Unless they get stuck reading again.

Fantasy Fables

This weeks fable has a wonderful title – Burn the house, we got to go.”  So much imagery.  Legren managed to pull out a winner this week.  But the section read on the podcast will make you want to read the full text.  So enjoy.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – Chronicle, Volume I and Cosmology

So we decided to start at the beginning, and the first couple of pages of Chronicle cover the cosmology of Warcraft.

No, not cosmetology.  The blood elves have that taken care of.  We’re talking about all the different magic families that thrive in Azeroth and beyond.

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Questions and Answers

Lots of good ones coming our way this week.

Reader Emails

Four great emails, and we only were able to answer and chat about three.  But we had a very good reason, as the fourth one got us thinking about a variety of things.  And because of that, it just may make it’s way to being a focus of a podcast in the future.

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