Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik has done nothing in WoW.  Darn you beginning of semester.  On the other hand, Yamino has been busy.

Fantasy Fables

None this week.

Main Topic – Vereesa Windrunner

This week we talk about Sylvanas’ sister, Vereesa.  Though not a familiar face to those new to Warcraft, she has been around for some time.  And with hopes of Alleria’s story continuing, we couldn’t help but talk about the third of the three Windrunner sisters.

Questions and Answers

  • @thelorecraft #craftiequestion Will Illidan be bad, good, or neutral? If it was Gul’Dan that freed him, he may be bad.

Guild Spot


None this week.

Reader Emails

Two more emails from Alisaunder this week!  Talk about keeping us busy.

Number 1

Hi guys.

I think Sargeras has it all wrong.  He’s looking for an army to kill off everything before it… That’s US the player Characters.

We will never kill Sargeras, we will accept his job offer.

If you think we wont….

Skin and wear our dead enemies, done that. A lot. Hunter tier sets, what can I say.

Armor crafted from the blood of an Old God. Check.

Desecrate sacred sites and peaceful lands. Yup.

Dividing formerly united and happy races. Sorry about that pandas.

Beat up little girls, kill her pets and tear up her stuffed animal before her eyes. Every week.

Take helpless orphans into kill or be killed battlegrounds. Only until I get the achievements I swear!

Number 2

Hi guys.

What do the Pillars of Creation create exactly? The planet of Azeroth, or the races of Azeroth?

If planet, it could conceivably be used to remake Azeroth into a more naga friendly world.

If races, might not the most beautiful of all beings ever to exist like to have her elven appearance back? If naga have legs again then they are one step closer to being a future player race.

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