Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik has finally taken hold of his Alliance side, and Yamino has been enjoying being a large human wolf!

Fantasy Fables

This week we hear the second place winner of our July 30th story contest!  A lovely tail indeed!

Main Topic – History of the Demon Hunter

We bring back Lips and Sharp to finish our discussion on demon hunters.  But this time it’s all about becoming the demon hunter.  How do you roleplay such a complex character?  And what are we afraid of seeing from demon hunter roleplayers.

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

We wanted to share with you once again a wonderful group of low down dirty criminals.  If you’ve got a desire to play on the bad side of things, check out The Criminal Underworld.

Reader Emails

A wonderful email from Alisaunder this week!  Listen to see how we answer.

Blizzard has said that Karazhan was shown for a reason, but why? What are your theories?

Mine revolve around us either learning more about the Lore of Karazhan which while fascinating, only adds one more kitchen sink to the many already in Legion…. OR, Karazhan existing partially in the Twisting Nether will be used to take the fight to the Legion.


Karazhan is special because it was once on the nexus of the magic ley lines of Azeroth until Malygos and the blue dragon flight rerouted them to Northrend in Wrath. A tribe of blue dragons is part of Legion, maybe they are trying to restore the ley lines to re-empower Karazhan to… uh… Attract even more demons to a source of great magic?

That makes no sense unless they are out to kill Khadgar which only makes sense if they are following Malygos last orders.

Karazhan is the home of Medivh, and of Khadgar. Karazhan is fractured in time, reliving the past and future. Blizzard has said they don’t plan to do anymore time travel so that’s not it but might be a Scenario that could help explain just who “Khadgar” is. That would be cool.

Karazhan exists partially in the Twisting Nether,  and is home to both Titan constructs and demons of the Burning Legion. Both of which are in Legion. Maybe the third raid of Legion is Karazhan, pushing the fight into the Nether and killing demons for good, or sealing off this portal.

You gotta admit, Khadgar, the guy leading us against the Legion, living in a house with a wide open staircase into the Nether is not what I’d call safe.

The Key to the doors of Karazhan involves a drop from Kael’thas and Lady Vasch who is a naga. Nobody knows who built Karazhan or the strange torture rooms that are the Karazhan Crypts but naga love sources of magic and so do blood elves. How DID those two get pieces of the key anyway?

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