Introduction and General Weeks Events

We hit our 32nd Episode and realize how close we are to hitting our 1 year anniversary.  Oh, and Machik is turning a year older on Saturday.  And he makes it known.  Yamino makes it known that she is back to PvPing.  So watch out Alliance, she’s gonna take you down!

Fantasy Fables

This week we share a story that you can actually be a part of.  An Open RP forum post means that you can insert yourself into the story.  So head on over the the link and become a character in a never ending story of awesome!

You can read the entire story a

 Main Topic – The Titans

There isn’t much known about them, but they did create our world.  So we thought it necessary to share all that we know.  Oh, and if you didn’t know already, one of them might just be the reason for the current xpac.

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

One of these days we’ll get to advertise a guild.  Will it be yours?  I hope so!

Reader Emails

Holy cow, we finally got an email this week.  PhoenixblazePB chats with us about the machinery that the Titans left behind.  And why aren’t we using it to our fullest extent?