Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik has finally rolled on a new server as a dwarf.  And Yamino discusses how she now has all the toys!

Fantasy Fables

This week you meet Reagan Luthen.  And his encounter with Deathstalkers!

You can read the entire story a

 Main Topic – The Old Gods

Who are the Old Gods?  With five main Old Gods, four of them named, learn a little bit about where they come from and what they want.  And I promise, it’s not merely a deli sandwich!

Questions and Answers

@willseiler – Co-Host of Saturday Morning WoW

  • @thelorecraft just jumped into episode 29 after listening to @RealmPodcast. (cont.)
  • @thelorecraft Since then it was said WoD Archimonde =/= BC Archimonde so how can player warlocks summon their unique MU minions in the AU?

Guild Spot

One of these days we’ll get to advertise a guild.  Will it be yours?  I hope so!

Reader Emails

We are saddened that this week there is no reader email.  After last weeks 2 for 1 deal, I was sure we would be inundated.  I was wrong.