Introduction and General Weeks Events

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Though Machik’s play time is severely limited, he still finds ways to have fun.

Fantasy Fables

This week we take a little trip into the Spires.  This wonderfully fun little piece shares with us the thoughts of the alliance.

You can read the entire story a

 Main Topic – It Burns, It Truly Burns!

We begin a series on some of the deep history of Warcraft.  This week Yamino talks a bit about the Burning Legion.  Which of course throws Machik into all sorts of tangents.

Questions and Answers

A really unique question this week.  Though neither Yamino nor Machik have ever watched the television show.

@jakeholinsworth@thelorecraft #craftiequestion Do you guys think WoW should do something like Game Of Thrones and kill off more main characters? Who dies?

Guild Spot

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Reader Emails

Wait, what?!?!  A two for one deal.  Yeppers, two reader emails, and one of them gets really philosophical!