Introduction and General Weeks Events

Lots of roleplay going on for Machik.  And Yamino shares her week of fun too.  But, we are sad to announce, Legren will be taking a hiatus.  <tear>

Fantasy Fables

We learn about an orc.  And his thirst for blood.  Or so it seems.

You can read the entire story a

Main Topic – He’s a Draenei, and a Prophet!

This week we talk about your favorite hoofed alliance NPC, Velen.  What has he been up to?  What is he preparing for?  And what does he already know?

Questions and Answers

@jakeholinsworth comes at us with a great question!

@thelorecraft #craftiequestion You can make your own zone, what does it look like, who is in it, and what is it about? Thanks!

Guild Spot

None this week.

Reader Emails

None this week.