Introduction and General Weeks Events

Well, the introductions were limited.  Due to real life, Legren had to step away for an evening.  But Machik has had many RP adventures this week!

Fantasy Fables

What is a man to do when he is in Draenor.  This story begins with a human giving orders, but how will it end.

You can read the entire story a

Magic and Mayhem with Legren

Legren was absent, and as such, so was the Magic!

Main Topic – How to Keep Expansion Classes Relevant

Two expansions in World of Warcraft have given us new classes.  The Death Knight during Wrath of the Lich King, and Monks during Mists of Pandaria.  These classes have very specific stories that align themselves with those expansions.

So what happens when the expansion ends?  How do you keep the drive going to roleplay a character that was so important to an expansion, but sometimes seems out of place outside that xpac?

We talk about it this week.

Questions and Answers

The question this week from @jakeholinsworth –  @thelorecraft #craftiequestion Hey guys! What do you guys think Wrathion is doing now? When will we see him again?

Listen in to how we answer it.

Guild Spot

We again share a little information about the Blackmoon Tribe on the Emerald Dream forum.

You can check them out at

Reader Emails

None this week.  So about you send us one?