Introduction and General Weeks Events

We did it folks.  We made it to 25 episodes.  That means it times to gather around a whole group of people for our LoreCraft Roundtable.  So not only do you get to hear about Legren and Machik, but also about Aitana and Vargarok and Ugan.  Yep, it’s quite the busy opening!

Fantasy Fables

Well, it was finally time to jump back to the Horde side.  And this week, it’s all about those swanky blood elves.  And of course the annoyances of trolls that roam around Silvermoon.  Will those trolls never learn?

You can read the story a

Magic and Mayhem with Legren

None this week.  There was way too much going on already.

Main Topic – The LoreCraft Roundtable

We stole three people away from the game to join us in an honest discussion of Warcraft and Lore.  It’s long, but well worth it.

Questions and Answers

The question this week from @jakeholinsworth –  @thelorecraft #craftiequestion Hey guys! What do you guys think Wrathion is doing now? When will we see him again?

Listen in to how we answer it.

Guild Spot

None this week.  We were too focused on the Roundtable.

Reader Emails

Did I meniton the Roundtable?