Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik has started leveling his death knight, and playing some card game called Hearthstone.  Legren on the other hand has been busy… not playing the game.

Damn you real life!

Fantasy Fables

Finally, a story that Machik can sink his teeth into.  This week we hear from a Tauren as she heads back to where she began.  Breygrah of the Ravenholdt server shares a wonderfully descriptive journey.

You can read the rest of the story a

Magic and Mayhem with Legren

Death knights!  How do they do it?  What crazy magic keeps them animated.  Legren delves deep into the undeath of the Lich.

Main Topic – Death Knight Roleplay

Have you ever roleplayed a death knight?  Do you love it?  Hate it?

Well, we talk about the difficulties in roleplaying a death knight without all the cliches that an RPer can fall into.  And of course we’re not afraid to talk about creating death knight babies.

Yep, we went there.

Questions and Answers

Only one question this week from Miyagi @jakeholinsworth.

Spoiler alert – it deals with a wonderful Eradar by the name of Archimonde.

Guild Spot

Come on people, send us your guild info.  This week we had to go back to that stinking Earthspear Clan.

Reader Emails

No emails this week, but if you have something share, send it to