Introduction and General Weeks Events

Woah, Machik shares that the Earthspear Clan is back!  And Leggers has been… doing… umm… nope, he’s still lazy.  Also, Tall Tales and Epic Fables has begun again!

Magic and Mayhem with Legren

Legren continues his talk about the Light, but more from a history standpoint.

Main Topic – Forum Roleplay

We delve into a bit of forum roleplay and why it’s so interesting.  But is it canon to your character?  That’s up to you to decide.

Fantasy Fables

An orc.  His family.  And the abandonment of the Old Horde.  Coming to you live from World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction.  You can check out the rest of the story at

Questions and Answers

We get to answer two questions again this week.  The first is from @sanyo201 and he asks “@thelorecraft When Tanaan is released,what do you think will be there? A quest mentioned something about a giant magnaron.. #craftiequestion.”

Next we got an email from Dar’garok Icefist

Hello Machik.

Earthspear has had its ups and down, its good times, its bad ones.

What was one of the most memorable moment for both of you (Machik and Legren) in Earthspear?

Bonus: What was the most memorable moments you had with your favorite loincloth wearing orc?

Dar’garok Icefist

Reader Emails

We share three wonderful emails this week!

I like waffles. Do you like waffles? I think waffles are better than pancakes. Also if I go back horde what should I be orc or Tauren. RAKOTHURZ or some1 else and what class? p.s Waffles

From The Rako


I want to know why Machik lags the stream on purpose between the actual chat and the chat that shows on his stream. I’m tired of this Vince Russo looking, grass humping, tree hugging motherfucker always jacking my suggestions and answers and pretending like he thought of it first.




just wanted to let you know that i race changed all my earthspear toons into pandas except my druid

Guild Spot

The Earthspear Clan has opened it’s recruitment once again!

If you are an orc, troll, or tauren, then this may be the guild for you.  An RP/PvP guild on the Emerald Dream server, the Earthspear Clan has it’s roots in fighting the alliance scum while following the traditions of the Shu’halo.  What, you don’t know who the Shu’halo are?  Then check out the Earthspear Clan and talk to Machik, Vargrok, or Rumuk for more information.