Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik returns with more news on the BfA beta, but more on that in a moment. And though he is speaking almost specifically about the Alliance, know that he still loves the Horde! Additionally, he took some time to head over to Overwatch and see what the fun new maps are like.

Main Topic – Battle for Azeroth: Kul Tiras and Jaina’s Situation **SPOILERS**

This week we take a peek at the first quest line in Kul Tiras. Jaina has a rough go as she is immediately taken as a prisoner of Kul Tiras, led by Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. You heard that right, her mom took her prisoner. And what happens to you?

Well, you get tossed into jail to. Typical, all you are trying to do is be a hero for the Alliance, and you end up in prison. Listen to find out more about this quest line.

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Nothing to report this week!

Reader Emails and Tweets

We received an email from Mocha, who brought up some great questions about the current state of Artifact Weapons and whether Sylvanas will have a redemption story. Machik answers the best he can with the information he has at hand.

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