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Machik returns. Again. Seems to be a habit. But I suppose that happens in this day and age. With so much going on and Machik getting old once again, it’s been harder to keep the good fight going. But here we are again, talking about WoW. So let’s get going!

Main Topic – Northrend’s World Tree

Let’s get to the point. Northrend had a world tree. Andrassil (now Vordrassil). A beautiful huge tree that helped to rid the Grizzly Hills and surrounding area of saronite. But like all things, there are sometimes consequences. Yogg-Saron was the consequence. The foul entities and essence of Yogg infused this world tree.

And it would topple it in the end.

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Nothing to report this week!

Reader Emails and Tweets

One great email dealing with RP on vanilla servers and the new allied races. Should they be hard to get? Hear my thoughts.

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