Introduction and General Weeks Events

This week we have a special guest. Alisaunder joins us on the podcast, bringing wisdom and insight on all things Azeroth. And of course, we had to let her share first. And then she went and did it. Rubbed it in our co-hosts faces that she got flying. The tears flowed from Machik’s and Floon’s eyes.

Then Machik and Floon shared their week, and it was less exciting than Alisaunder.

Fantasy Fables

None this week, unfortunately.

Addon Review

Our guest brought us a wonderful addon for the transmog specialists who can’t figure out what to wear! TransmogRoulette is exactly what it sounds like. It spins through your armor items at random, and you click a button to pull the trigger on an outfit.

Simply brilliant for those that can’t decide on what to wear.

Main Topic – Fathers and Children

This week we hit a few quick bits, such as the new Anduin cinematic and the Trial of Style. But then we finally push into our main talking point.

How terrible fathers are in wow, and how they completely screw up their children in one way or another. Of course we talk at length about Anduin and Varian. But the discussion doesn’t stop there. Which father and child do you think is the worst?

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Saiisil responds to last week’s discussion on mage cakes with an interesting idea on how they taste. And then Machik continues to rant about the arcane magic imbued in the cakes. It’s all sorts of ridiculousness.

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