Introduction and General Weeks Events

We have a brand new introduction for our Week Across Azeroth!  Big thank you to @Saiisil for lending his voice to the intro.

Legren decided to play all of Blizzard’s games this week.  Yamino was busy in Suramar.  And Machik putzed around on his priest more than his hunter.  Oh, and the roleplay!

Fantasy Fables

It has been some time since we ran into Pandaren in one of our fantasy fables, but Legren was able to find one that is both intriguing and fun. What happens when Pandaren mages are called to Dalaran? This weeks story sheds some light on this topic.

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Main Topic – Tomb of Sargeras

With news of the Tomb of Sargeras coming up soon as both a dungeon and a raid, we thought it appropriate to chat a bit about the history.  For example, did you know it was always a Tomb? Seriously, it was a temple. So the obvious question is how did it go from Temple to Tomb?

That’s why we’re here!

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

With three emails this week, we kept busy.  But the exciting part of that is two new writers.  Always good to have new people sending us questions, as it mixes things up a bit.

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