Introduction and General Weeks Events

Though uneventful for our three hosts, we are back to playing the game regularly.  Or at least semi-regularly in the case of Legren.  He has been a bit too busy in Overwatch.  Yamino continues to level toons.

And Machik finally gets back to playing his priest.

Fantasy Fables

The fables are back, and of course Legren chooses one that is full of elves.  The good news, they’re in Dalaran.  The bad news, it gets a bit tension filled.  Find out the complete story at

Main Topic – Helya, She’s Not All That Bad

Helya, the big bad meanine at the end of Maw of Souls.  She runs away only to fight us another day.  But what you don’t know is that she wasn’t always bad.  In fact, if you look at her history, you find her on the right side of things, and Odyn on the wrong.

So what changed?

Well, thousands of years as a slave and ferrying the souls of the dead can change you.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

We finally managed to finish up the last of the emails from last week.  Including a chat about other podcasts that are available for you to listen to!

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