Introduction and General Weeks Events

Our three hosts are back again, and of course they’ve been busy in game.  Yamino complains about rogues.  Legren does nothing at max level.  And Machik played WoW this week.  And has gone to the dark side of hunter.

Fantasy Fables

It’s rare that we find goblins in our fables.  But not only do we find goblins, but goblin siblings that like to argue.  And if you’ve ever wondered about how a goblin family got along, then this weeks story is for you!

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Main Topic – Queen Azshara

Last week we spoke of Prince Farondis.  And how he met his untimely death.  So of course we had to piggy back on that and share with you our thoughts on the evil Queen who caused the Prince’s death.

Queen Azshara.

Tempted by Sargeras, she took the lives of many of her own people.  Her thirst for power could not be matched.  But how did she get there?  Listen to find out.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Only one great email this week from Kreygaron.  If you remember a while back that he introduced the idea of a Demon Hunter and Warlock together in game.  The Demon Hunter would kill the Warlock’s pet.  The Warlock would take control of the Demon Hunter.  A constant comical battle.

Well, it partially happened in game.  And of course we had some things to say about that.

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