Introduction and General Weeks Events

What can we say.  The pre-patch continues to keep Legren and Machik busy in-game.  With Yamino running a bit late, Legren talked about his love for his human warrior.  Of course he has to explain to Machik how terrible Fury is for PvP though.

Machik on the other hand was out-of-town for a reunion, but made it back in time to get a Demon Hunter to 100, and his DK to 98.  And of course, they didn’t play any other games.  Good job Warcraft!

Fantasy Fables

With the new quest lines on the Broken Shore, there was bound to be some good fiction written about the attack on the demons.  That’s exactly what Legren found.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – An Audio Drama That Works

We discuss The Tomb of Sargeras, the new audio drama and how it fits into the upcoming expansion. The discussion goes from talking about the action in the drama itself, to how the story of Warcraft seems to be playing a much more important part in this expansion.  From there we move onto the Broken Shores scenario and the cut scenes.

King Varian cut scene – EPIC.

Warchief Vol’jin cut scene – EPIC (If you’re Yami).

And of course arguments about whether people are actually gone, or will return.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

This weeks podcast runs long, so we only got to three total emails, with one discussing the relationship between warlock and demon hunter.

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