Introduction and General Weeks Events

Yamino returns on this fateful day, our first podcast after the prepatch dropped.  And boy have our hosts been busy.

Yamino has been moving, from one city to the next, in real life.  Which means she hasn’t had as much time as those other two yahoos.  But she did enjoy her time spent in game.

Legren has been testing out his Shaman.  And Machik has done nothing but live in game since the patch.  And he’ll tell you all about it.

Fantasy Fables

Leggers tried to find a story this week, but Machik was quicker.  This weeks fable allows Legren to really get back to his orcish roots.

Lots of yelling and growling.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – Anduin Becomes a Hero and Gul’dan Goes Darker

Another amazing comic was released by Blizzard this week.  And it easily tops the previous three.  Anduin really shows that he can be the leader we need.  SPOILERS!!  So watch at your own risk.  If you want to read the comic, head HERE, and if you want to SEE the comic, head HERE.

From there we move onto the Harbinger: Gul’dan.  This is an exceptional video that tells us the history of Alternate Universe Gul’dan.

And of course lots of pre-patch talk happens to.  With just a tinge of arguing among the hosts.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

A big thank you to our three emails this week, as we continue our discussion about Roleplay and Death Knights, Illidan and his powers, and finally a bit of the Lich King.  Yes, it’s a powerhouse of emails.

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