Introduction and General Weeks Events

Yamino is back and feeling over so much better.  And Machik and Legren are back in game and actually roleplaying once again.  What has this world come to?

Fantasy Fables

This week we go a bit emo on our story.  A Knife in the Dark (The Black Renaissance) by Gyllis on the Moon Guard forums starts with some insight into a none too happy son. There is family hatred, a possible mistress, and an unwanted child, all in the span of a few minutes.

And of course, this is only the beginning.

You can read the rest at

Main Topic – Loken, The Crazy Titan Watcher

Loken, a Titan Watcher that you may have encountered some time while in Northrend.  But do you know his full history?  Why we have to fight him?  And his abundance of lies?

Affected by Yogg-Saron, Loken started out good, like all the Titan Watchers.  But slowly, with the Old God whispering into his ear, he changed and took down the other Watchers.  We chat just a bit about his history and some of the more damaging things he did.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

Our farmer friend has indeed been busy this week, with not one, but two emails.  Farmer Gerald brings up some very relevant questions about our discussion of Light and Shadow from the previous weeks, and how Shadow might be a bit more powerful than Fel.

What the fel!?!?

He also implores Legren to do more searching for stories from the famed European forums.  So maybe our fantasy fables will go global in the coming weeks.

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