Introduction and General Weeks Events

It’s been two weeks since the LoreCraft brought you a podcast.  And boy is it good to be back into the swing of things.

Machik did nothing.  Literally, he was stuck at his job doing that thing they call work.  He does need to make a living.

But Yamino and Legren kept busy in the World of Warcraft.  It’s nice to know that even with Legion, they still find things to do.

Fantasy Fables

Two orcs.  That’s almost the start of a joke.  But instead, it’s the characters in this weeks fable.  Legren discovered a pretty nifty multi part story on the Goramar guild site.  And Machik and Legren only stumble over each other a couple times while reading the story.

They really do need to practice a bit more.

You can read the rest at

Main Topic – Roleplaying Your Professions

Have you ever wondered about those pesky professions that you level constantly on your toons?  Are you saddened by how they’ve been devalued in the current xpac?

The LoreCraft hosts talk about using those professions while you roleplay.  Why not be a seller of vanity jewelry?  Or collect ore, and offer simple chain mail and armor to those walking the streets of Stormwind.

The hosts talk about all this and more!

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails


Farmer Gerald has officially become a mainstay on the podcast.  Without him, some weeks would be devoid of reader emails.  So a big thank you to the Farmer!

This week he asks if the Titans are really a part of the shadow.  Now hold on, don’t go crazy.  He has a very valid point.  Along with that we discuss artifact weapons and spaceships.

You can count on Farmer Gerald to bring us the hard hitting questions!

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