Introduction and General Weeks Events

Yamino had to fight off an NPC camper.  And then she took it to the other faction.  Eventually she entered her happy place.

Leggers has been reading novels instead of playing the game.  So, his week in WoW was totally in his head.

And Machik, only a check in with his gnome monk.  And complains about not being in Overwatch.  Such a baby.

Fantasy Fables

This week we venture into another open roleplay.  For those that don’t know, open roleplay allows anyone to add to the forum roleplay.  And of course it starts out exciting with an execution.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – Loving Our Emerald Dreaming

This week we take you into the Emerald Dream.  The Emerald Dream is the blueprint of Azeroth, what Azeroth would be without any living beings walking it’s lands.  Created during the time of the Titans, druids once slept within the dream for thousands of years.

But what has it become now?  And do the druids still slumber?

Questions and Answers

Now this is a surprise, absolutely no questions from the Twittersphere this week.  I think our regulars must be on vacation or this would never have happened.

Or maybe we’ve answered every questions imaginable.

Reader Emails

Two wonderful emails this week.  The first deals with LGBTQ issues in the World of Warcraft.  Where do the races stand, and is it feasible to play a character that is heavily closeted.  And our second email covers a variety of items, including opinions on races and how magic is actually used.

Keeps these wonderful emails coming!

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