Introduction and General Weeks Events

This week, Machik and Legers leveled their gnomes of awesome.  We also find out how much Legren hates the Burning Crusade.  And wowser did that upset Yamino.  And of course Machik is a Hellfire Pennisula lover.

Yamino rubbed it in our face that she’s in the Alpha for Legion, so of course, Leggers and Machik were sad.

And Machik shared his love of gnomish monk.  So much Warcraft this week.


Fantasy Fables

There is nothing better than listening to Legren perfect his troll voice each week.  Though this time the story he brought to us was going to be a challenge for him.  Though he excels at male troll voice, this week he had to test out his female troll voice.

And what a voice it is.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – To The Newb RPer, Have No Fear

This weeks topic covers the newb RPer, the beginning roleplayer who may be stepping into this wild world of RP for the first time.  We talk about things to think about as you begin your journey and how you might push yourself into the community that is already there on the RP realms.

And of course we mention DK babies.


Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

We received two wonderful emails this week.  The first one, from Bastian, had lots of questions, which was fun to answer.  From the Naaru to seeing orcs as actual beings and not simply brutes of the bloodlust.

Then we follow up with a regular listener, Alisaunder, who asks a bit about sleeping in the Emerald Dream.  And why do the elves really choose to stay there for so long.

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