Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik is no longer in the throes of death, and so the podcast is back this week.  And it’s Yamino’s turn to not feel so good this week.  And Legren, well, he’s not a fan of piano bars.

Machik finally was in WoW this week.  Playing a bit on his gnome monk and hit level 20.  Yamino has been leveling with her roommate.  It’s nice to have drawn another person into the fold.  But, she is a blood elf, so there are downsides.  And finally we have Leggers who broke his monitor and crashed the game several times.  Typical Leggers.

Fantasy Fables

A troll and a blood elf in the wild.  I know it sounds like a joke, but it’s the focus of our fable this week.  And all three hosts get into the action of reading this week.

You can read the entire story at

Main Topic – Vol’jin, That Trollish Warchief

We knew we would eventually get to Vol’jin.  I mean, he is the Warchief and what not.  But do you really know how far back his history goes?

Do you know which friend of his turned his back on him?  How his father died?  Or why trolls are so dead sexy?

We talk about most of that this week.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

So many reader emails this week.  It’s actually quite overwhelming.  But that’s good.

The questions ranged from roleplay suggestions to reducing altaholism to what new leaders would emerge if the current faction leaders died.  I want to personally thank everyone for the emails this week because it drove some wonderful discussion.

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