Introduction and General Weeks Events

As we start every week, we get to hear about the amazing things that Machik, Legren and Yamino have done in the World of Warcraft.

And as it seems to be happening more these past weeks, these three slackers seem to be hanging out more outside the game than inside the game.

But fear not, I have heard rumors that they will be busier in game in coming weeks.  But again, that is merely a rumor.

Fantasy Fables

Legren found a stunner of a story this week.  It seems our hero has been taken prisoner for a bounty.  But not all is as it seems.  Who will live?  Who will die?

You can read the full story at

Main Topic – Lor’themar Theron

Anyone that knows Machik and Legren, know that they have an unending hatred of the elves. Each podcast seems to bring up how haughty, obnoxious, and overdressed the elves are.

But this week Machik and Legren tone down their hate, and talk about the revered leader of the Blood Elves.  And Yamino seems appreciative of them allowing a sane discussion of the elven warrior.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

A single email this week, but quite interesting.  And of course it comes directly from Mork the King, who seems to have had a busy week for us.

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