Introduction and General Weeks Events

LEGREN IS BACK!  Oh yeah, and none of us did all that much of anything in Warcraft this week.  But we have plans.  Big plans.

Fantasy Fables

None this week.  But, it’s important you let us know that you enjoy the stories each week. It currently takes a lot of time to find the material, and we want to know if it’s worth it.  Or if there is something else you’d like to see here, let us know that too.

Main Topic – Genn Greymane

We continue our look at the Alliance leaders this week.  Though Greymane is a bit new to in game mechanics, his history goes all the way back to the Second War.  And no, he wasn’t always part Worgen.

Find out a bit about his son, daughter, wife, and what makes his story so interesting this week.  A quick note, he is only one of two leaders with a significant other still alive.

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

  • None this week.

Reader Emails

This week we received a timely email that deals with Legren’s returning.

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