Introduction and General Weeks Events

Before we begin on our main topic of game immersion, we had to find out what me and Yamino were up to these past couple of weeks!

Fantasy Fables

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to an old classic.  A paladin, a human, and a legal writ.  All while in a bar.

A legal writ he says. Stormwind law don’t carry much weight out here, holy man

But the real question is, will he find what he is looking for?

You can check out the story here.

Main Topic – Game Immersion

This week I was sitting back and reading the usual World of Warcraft blogs, when he came upon an intriguing questions.

Are you okay with broken immersion?

And in the article they are specifically talking about game immersion in WoW.  You can find the full article on

This is something I’ve thought about often when playing the game.  We often times run into things such as pop culture references or gag quests.  And for some people this may pull them out of the game.  Out of their immersion within this world.

Yamino and I take on the question, but we’re also curious about your thoughts.  What do you think?  Does it affect your game?

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

  • None this week.

Reader Emails

  • None this week.  Hopefully we’ll get some feedback in the weeks to come!

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