Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik has had no time to even venture into the World of Warcraft, but he did get to test out a bit of Overwatch.  Yamino on the other hand did lots of leveling.  So many alts, so little time.

Fantasy Fables


No fable this week.  But it will return next week!

Main Topic – Gelbin, the Short and Awesome

Gelbin Mekkatorque is a man of small stature, but he holds a large sway over the gnomes of Warcraft.  What many people don’t know is that Gelbin, and his gnomes, made it possible to travel between Ironforge and Stormwind.

He also led the gnomes through many troubles from war within to war without.  But how did he come to lead the gnomes?  And what does it mean to be the leader of one of the most intelligent races in Warcraft?

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

  • None this week.

Reader Emails

Alisaunder continues to toss us wonderful emails.  But this week we’re not super sure that Alisaunder is right.

And we need a bit of your help in regards to another part of Alisaunder’s emails.  So listen in and toss us your ideas on the question of cinematics.

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