Introduction and General Weeks Events

The excitement of the Legion is still there for Yamino and Machik, and Machik goes back to being Machik.

Did I mention Machik?

Fantasy Fables

This weeks story leads us into the main topic.  A comical piece set to the tune of Hallow’s End!

Main Topic – Don’t Get Scared During Hallow’s End

It’s one of Machik’s favorite times of years.  The holiday season.  And this week we start with a talk about Hallow’s End, which has completely different meanings for the two opposing factions!

So make sure you’re in costume, and lets learn a bit about Hallow’s End!

Questions and Answers

  • @thelorecraft 1) What are your predictions for the warrior order hall? 2) What are you two doing while we wait for Legion? #craftiequestions

Guild Spot

  • None this week.

Reader Emails

  • Two emails, both from Alisaunder!  One, filled with comments on the possibility of seeing Azshara soon!  And the second, with information on the Running of the Gnomes Event for Cancer!

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