Introduction and General Weeks Events

Well look at that.  Machik forgot to change his name.  So he’s still the same old Machik.  Or better yet, just no name.  And Yamino is all about the Brewfest!

Fantasy Fables


Machik switches things up this week.  Listen to find out.

Main Topic – Teron Gorefiend

After talking about elves for three weeks, we move onto an orc.  Or was he a death knight.  Wait, no, he was both.  But at different times!

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

None this week.

Reader Emails

  • That achievement right there. In Darkshore there is a place called Maw of the Void. If you haven’t already done this go jump in that whirlpool. First off if you somehow don’t already have the Going Down ‘chieve it’ll net that too. Anywho go up the really short path and kill a Demon Hunter there. He’ll drop an item called Writing of the Dark Herald. The description of this item is key. “The scrolls are vague and appear to be a piece of a much larger puzzle, but if you are not mistaken, they seem to reveal some of the steps on the path to becoming a demon hunter.” You’ll net the ‘chieve when you turn the quest in. This quest and achievement was from the beginning of Cata, soooo… How long were they thinking of Demon Hunter as a class then? Or I could be just seeing conspiracies…. Thanks for your time as always! ~Evolly~

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