Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik decides it’s time to change his name, but to what, he doesn’t know.  And he puts a bit of time into the game once again.  And Yamino continues leveling those darn Alliance toons.  Will she eventually go full fledged alliance?

Fantasy Fables

This weeks story takes us back to  And begins with the simple task of brushing one’s teeth.

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Main Topic – Sylvanas Windrunner

It’s finally time to touch on an important character, someone that the Horde holds special.  Though she started off as an elf, she continues on as a lovely Forsaken.  But how did she come to lead the mighty undead?  Listen in to find out.

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

This week we chat about a group of Panderan’s and Monks.  Learn all about the Serenity Peak Brewery, run by one of our favorite question masters, Miyagi.  If you’re panderan or a monk, and reside on the Emerald Dream server, this may be the guild for you.

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