Yamino is playing alliance, and Machik is playing Hearthstone.  Has the world gone topsy turvy?

Introduction and General Weeks Events

This week we talk with Velticus of the Emerald Dream server.  And with his introduction comes his participation in WoW this week.  Yamino has been leveling and enjoying her time in WoW, and Machik finally made it back to his druid!

Fantasy Fables

This weeks fable hits close to home.  Written by one of Machik’s guildmates in The Earthspear Clan, it’s the beginning of a roleplay arc that the Earthspear Clan is running on the Emerald Dream server.  And Machik’s character is a bit bloodthirsty.

You can read the entire story a

 Main Topic – Dragons and Aspects


As we continue our look at a bit of the history of Warcraft, we need to talk dragons.  And no, we don’t mean roleplaying dragons.  We mean the big guys at the top, and the lower dragons as well.

Did you ever wonder where the dragons came from?  Well, we’re gonna tell you.  And then expand on that information.  And then give you information you probably didn’t want.

Why?  Cause that’s what we do at the LoreCraft Podcast!

Questions and Answers

Guild Spot

This week we take a look at the Storm Glaive guild on the Moon Guard Server!  It’s all about the salty sea.

For more information, head to their website –

Reader Emails

We finally get to those emails from last week.  And they are some long ones!