Patch 6.0 is finally out, and that means the increase to Draenei lore!  With the xpac less than a month a way, we wanted to take a look at Draenei lore and the difficulties in roleplaying a race that has been alive for thousands of years.  And who better than to pull in Immy of the Emerald Dream server.

Immy leads a Draenei only guild called Scions of Draenor.  Though he pops back and forth between Alliance and Horde, his knowledge of the history of Draenei can help new roleplayers develop characters that are not cliché.  As we saw in the final Lords of War cinematic, Draenei do get angry and vengeful.

And can kick some major ass.

New Content, Yes Please

We also discuss the new quest lines in Blasted Lands that Blizzard gives us.  Though it’s nice to finally see some content, some of us are upset that their isn’t more.

So sit back, grab a Mountain Dew, and enjoy another episode of the LoreCraft Podcast!