Introduction and General Weeks Events


Technical difficulties.  They happen.  And this week it seemed that they would not stop.  From cutting in and out of the stream, to sounds not being perfect and often times my computer just blowing up, we did manage to push through.

And of course there was very little actual WoW this week during our week in WoW.  But there were some lovely tidbits shared none the less.

Fantasy Fables

Legren was on point this week.  He did a bit of searching and found an entire storybook to share, even if we only read a bit of the first story.  Karanga is the writer, and her descriptions of the wolf who seemed to be fond of a buck are quite beautiful.  But of course we don’t give away the entire story.

You can read the rest at

Main Topic – Universe and Titan Origins.

How can you not be excited about the beginning of time.  We continue looking through World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume I, and discover that the Titans were once planets.  And the Naaru are literally pieces of the Light.  And that Azeroth still has a Titan within in.

I know, exciting stuff.  So listen in.

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

We finally get back to Lungemonkey’s post on the official General Forum.  You can check it out at  To put it in short, we discuss whether our characters are getting stronger, or is it just gameplay mechanics.

And then Farmer Gerald comes to us once again with lots of great quesitions, and of course, we all have our opinions.

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