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UPDATE – Due to a mashup in my head, I said that Hellscream gave the mantle of chief to Thrall after the fight with Mannoroth. That is incorrect. It was Doomhammer during fighting at the internment camps that handed the leadership to Thrall.

Thrall.  Loved by many.  Hated by many others.  A controversial figure in the World of Warcraft universe.  Some say he is an outright bad character.  Others adore him, and he can do no harm.

Garrosh.  An orc with a bad reputation.   Is he really evil?  Or merely an orc stuck with a Horde he was never meant to lead?  What could he have become if allowed to mature?  We will never really know.

This weeks podcast deals with a bit of history of Thrall and Garrosh.  Both seem to be prominent figures in the upcoming expansion, in one way or another.  And both need to be understood.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another episode of the LoreCraft Podcast.