You will find that this weeks podcast comes to an abrupt end.  I explain at the end of the audio what happened.  I apologize for the problems with this weeks podcast, but please enjoy what did make it in the recording.

Introduction and General Weeks Events

This week we talk with Velticus of the Emerald Dream server.  And with his introduction comes his participation in WoW this week.  Yamino has been leveling and enjoying her time in WoW, and Machik finally made it back to his druid!

Fantasy Fables

Our guest is a roleplayer who writes.  So we though, what better story to read than one of his own.  So enjoy a little insight into his character.

You can read the entire story a

 Main Topic – The Worgen

It’s not often you find someone so willing to talk about the Worgen race.  Well, after searching far and wide, we finally managed to find someone willing to chat a bit about the dual personalities of the Gilneas race!

Velticus talks about his time being a Worgen, how he came to playing the race, and why he enjoys the dichotomy of the tortured Gilneans.

Questions and Answers

  • @FalCatrecon
  • @thelorecraft #craftiequestion Are there parallels between the old gods of Warcraft and Lovecraft? (C’thun/Cthulhu,Yogg-Saron/Yogg-Sothoth)

Guild Spot

We have one, but it shall be coming next week.

Reader Emails

We had three, but due to technical difficulties, we shall be airing them next week.  If you have an email to share, send it to, and we’ll read it live on the podcast!