Introduction and General Weeks Events

Machik and Legren talk a little bit about their roleplay adventures.  And Machik shares his love with Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.  Wait, those have nothing to do with Warcraft lore….

Fantasy Fables

Machik did a bit of searching and found a brand new forum with roleplay stories.  After stopping by, the craft druid found a story that dealt with humans… or worgen… or worgen based humans.  Who knows really, but it makes for a good tale.

You can read the story a

Magic and Mayhem with Legren

Flowers.  Trees.  Bears.  Cats.  Nature.  That’s what Legren brings us this week as he shares his wisdom with this as it relates to druidism.

Main Topic – Malfurion Stormrage and Druidic Races

Continuing on the druidic ideas, we talk about the different races that can be a druid, and how it all comes back to Malfurion and Cenarius!

Questions and Answers

Two wonderful questions from two wonderful Twitter followers.  @BrunhartED and @ChiefVoljin attempt to stump Machik and Legren with wonderful questions from the Twittersphere.

Guild Spot

Finally we have a Guild Spot entry.  One of the oldest guilds on the Emerald Dream forum, the Blackmoon Tribe, tells us why we should join them.  Oh, and they have fireworks.

You can check them out at

Reader Emails

Not only did we get two questions, but we also doubled up our reader emails.  One from the famed Dr. Lore and another from our regular question maker Miyagi from the Emerald Dream server.