Welcome to The Little People.  This is a new blog series that will deal with lesser lore characters in World of Warcraft.  The goal of this series is to broaden our horizons on those characters who help to fill out the world that we play in.  Everyone knows about the big guys – Anduin, Thrall, Tyrande, and others.  But do you know about Krulmoo?  What about Captain Sanders?  Or even Shadowstalker Getry.

Many of these posts will be short and informational, but every once in a while we might hit a character with a lot of juicy background.

The Little People Today

Today we are going to look at four characters, but the bad news is they are all dead. Krulmoo Fullmoon, Dranh, Yonada and Omusa Thunderhorn are victims of the Alliance attacks on Camp Taurajo.  You visit their bodies during the Honoring the Dead quest in the Southern Barrens.  This is a Horde only quest, so you Alliance miss out on it.

All four were residents of Camp T prior to the Cataclysm.  Krulmoo was the leatherworker and leather trainer.  He was decked out in an eye catching all blue leather armor outfit.  Dranh was the skinning trainer, teaching new Tauren how to skin the beasts of the Barrens.  Yonada was the leatherworking and tailor supplier.  When she is eulogized, you find out her last words were Alliance – they’ve surrounded the camp! What are they doing here? Why are they attacking Taurajo? Get the children – run! RUN!  And finally Omusa.  Omusa was the Wind Rider Master, helping young Tauren and Orc move between the many outposts that dotted the Barrens.

Dead, But Remembered

But all are dead now.  They fought the Alliance as best they could, but this was a simple group of Tauren.  Omusa stayed behind while directing where the other Tauren should go – No, stay with the others. Escort them north, away from the fighting. I will stay here with the wyverns and cover your escape. Go!  And Krulmoo states I ran to wake up the others when the attack hit. Were they able to escape? I tried to fight off the soldiers with a skinning knife… showing the type of honor that the Tauren cherish, willing to fight with a simple skinning knife.

Now, understand that the deaths of these four does not make the Alliance evil.  There are casualties in war.  But what it does show is the type of race the Tauren are.  Noble, worrying about others before themselves, and willing to sacrifice their lives to keep others alive.

And it shows a bit about the Tauren spirituality.  The fact that it is of utmost importance to eulogize the dead so that their spirits may move on is stunning.  This happens while Camp Taurajo is being overrun by Alliance mercenaries.

So as you move through the World of Warcraft, take time to honor the Tauren that die.  If you are Horde, this should be easy.  And if you are Alliance, know that the Tauren are honorable warriors, and as such should be treated respectfully upon death.

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