The weather was clear and the water hot. The surrounding jungle lush with greenery as people of all races relaxed in the steam pools of Feralas, hidden in the mountains. Jye looked at all of this with an indifferent eye. Well, mostly indifferent. He was here for the near scalding water bubbling from the earth, as it allowed him to feel something other than cold. He settled himself at the furthest end of the pools, knowing full well the other patrons would prefer him even farther if possible. He was Forsaken after all, and hot dead flesh wasn’t exactly the pleasantest of smells. Not that he could tell anymore.

He sunk deep into the water, allowing the warmth to flow deep into his body, almost like he was human again. Not really, but it was a nice thought. His loosely hanging tongue could even taste the metals in the water washed up from the earth. After a long time he surfaced, sighing in appreciation. It was nice to relax for once. As a healer he had a tendency to be drug all across creation for his services, and as an undead healer it was painful all the way. While he was technically still needed, this season was full of the Midsummer festivals and bonfire activities. He cared so much less for these events that he found ‘no’ was a whole lot easier to say to groups looking to steal the Alliance’s flame.

A not so subtle cough brought him out of his reverie. One of the Goblin attendants was standing on shore giving him a stern look. Oh right, had forgotten to pay them off for the use of the pools. The pools themselves for normally free for patrons, the Goblins making money from the exorbitantly priced food, towels, trinkets, and activities. As he had no real need of any of that and also didn’t exactly keep his end of the pool ooze-free, he and likely other undead had to pay a usage fee. He slowly walked his way out of the water, the sense of weight and things sagging that shouldn’t returning. Jye could see the Goblin’s nose wrinkle in disgust. That was actually pretty good restraint considering a sopping wet Forsaken in swim trunks wasn’t exactly a pleasant sight. He carefully dried his hand off on his towel before digging in his pack for some gold. Once handed to the attendant, the Goblin bowed slightly and let him be.

With that taken care of, Jye noticed the sun cresting the edge of the trees and was beating down on him. Looked like it was time to bake some of the water back out of him. While the more humid air of the Feralas jungle was less effective at drying him out than the desert of Tanaris, he still appreciated the different sort of warmth the hot sun brought to his bare skin. He settled into his lounge chair, tucking his tongue to the side. Missing his lower jaw made for some interesting issues, but the looks he got from others as he cast his spells with his tongue flapping in the breeze was thoroughly amusing. He thankfully could still talk, even with his tongue literally wagging, but it shouldn’t be too surprising. While he might not have his lower jaw, a lot of other undead were even missing their vocal cords. Whatever magic held them together certainly was doing a decent job of it. It was pretty fascinating, especially from a healer’s viewpoint. For example, if a person had his throat torn from some animal attack and had it heal normally likely he could no longer speak and the damage so long ago only a great healer might be able to return speech. But if what allowed a Forsaken to still talk be applied to the ‘dead’ vocal cords, the person’s voice would be returned and he’d get to keep the really awesome scar too.

“You!” An androgynous voice cut through his thoughts, causing Jye to open one eye casually before closing it again in annoyance. Oh great. Him.

“I saw that! Don’t ignore me!” Jye sighed and opened both his eyes to look upon the most annoying blood elf he ever met. He had to think of the word awesome, didn’t he?

“What do you want this time?” Jye replied tiredly.

Johnny scowled at him, though it looked a little askew. “Why… Why didn’t you save him?” The words were slightly slurred and Jye could see a small gaggle of elven women following him closely. He must have gotten ahold of some alcohol again. Jye had been sure the elf hadn’t been around when he arrived, but to be this far gone into his drink he must have simply missed him.

“Save what? That stupid sparkly horse of yours?” He hoped being harsh would drive the elf away sooner. Jye stood up, looking down on the blood elf.

Who was unperturbed at the insult or full sight of the undead. “Twinkles was not stupid! He was smart! And you,” Here he poked Jye in the chest, which squished a little. “could have healed him.”

Jye shook his head, readying the same argument as always. “Look, it was dead already. I wasn’t exactly the most experienced healer either. I could have maybe tried resurrecting that thing, but I’d wager at best it would have been some sort of undead that died a few feet from where it was buried.” He knew it was fruitless, as Johnny had come up to him before with the same accusations after he had gotten a few drinks in him. He still felt he had to at least try.

Tears came to the blood elf’s eyes. “Twinkles! Why did it have to be Twinkles?” The group of women converged in an attempt to console him, and now Jye noticed a couple of male elves were in the group. Eh, whatever floated his boat. At least the group was leading the sobbing elf away from him, though he did get a few mean glances from the consoling mass. Why did the pretty ones get all the sympathy anyway? He had lost the beast ages ago, so it wasn’t like the loss was fresh or anything.

Looked like his relaxing summer vacation was ruined somewhat, but at least he could still enjoy the sun for what was left of the day. He re-settled himself back in his lounge chair, feeling the sun heat his cool flesh. Not as penetrating of a warmth as the pools, but almost as nice.

Written by Evolly