Introduction and General Weeks Events

With Yamino taking a sick day, it’s the two crazies of Legren and Machik this week.  And both actually played World of Warcraft.

I know, I was surprised to.

Fantasy Fables

We got a long one for you this week.  It come from the player Zoq who posted on the World’s End Tavern forums.  And the title might just force you into reading it.  The Butcher of Stormwind.

Legren shares with us his very first gnome voice. So listen in and enjoy.

You can read the rest at

Main Topic – Starting a Roleplay Guild

So, you want to be a part of a roleplay guild.  But you haven’t found one that peaks your interest.  So what is a roleplayer to do?

Start a roleplay guild.  Yep, you heard me.  Get to it.  Legren and I chit chat about the multiple roleplay guilds we’ve started and share some tips we have about creating a successful roleplay guild.

So, you don’t think you could do it?  Either did I.  But I did, and Earthspear Clan was successful.  So get to making that guild!

Questions and Answers

Reader Emails

I am honestly not sure what we would do without the famed Farmer Gerald who consistently sends us fabulous emails each week.  I want everyone to look at Farmer Gerald, and be like Farmer Gerald.  Send us those emails.

Of course the first comments this week deal with Legren’s hairstyle being implemented into WoW.  And I couldn’t agree more.  Then we get into a lot of talk of the Demonsoul and Dragonsoul, and lack of souls.  In the end, we do come up with some decent answers.

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