Greetings meatbags! I am Ickthid Stolenpants, one of the new writers for the Lorecraft.

I am a newcomer to this lovely website, but when I heard about it, I was very eager to add to its growth. (A lot of the older fan sites aren’t around anymore. That’s a problem! Let’s remedy that here.)

I have roleplayed in and out of game since I started, way back in the Burning Crusade. My very first character was my Forsaken Rogue, Ickthid. I fell in love with the game world and lore, and wound up bringing variations of the Rogue to several table-top gaming events.

Somewhere at the tail end of Cataclysm, I transferred to Wyrmrest Accord with the intention of embracing RP on one of the biggest servers. I applied to a Forsaken exclusive guild, the Scythe of Sylvanas, and they almost immediately accepted me. Over the next year or so, I would lead many of my own events (Rogue only, stealth assassination type missions. (It was great.) Eventually they asked me to help lead the guild.

From Ickthid to a Guild Of My Own

That led to me forming my own RP guild, Selama Ashal’anore, which for the time was Blood Elf exclusive. Our claim was a strict adherence to the game’s canon, believable characters, and a friendly, non-toxic community. Eventually we would relax the racial restrictions a little, and instead have the guild’s RP focus on the Eastern Kingdoms and affiliated Horde races.

One of the most exciting moments related to RP for me, was being interviewed by wow.joystiq about the guild. People still find us through that article.

Some of our more interesting events were the Rogue only missions, as mentioned earlier. We’d gather all of the Rogues we had and run stealth missions through Alliance cities. We aimed to cause mischief without ever being seen. We were successful. Mostly. Aside from those, we had sort of our own Rogue “fight club”. We’d have dueling events and share Rogue secrets. Arguably, for a time, the best Rogues on WRA were in our guild.

Aside from my love of the Forsaken and Sin’dorei, I have a lot of love for Human lore, and anything relating to the Third War. It influences a lot of my RP events and creative writing bits. (Can we get around to visiting Kul’tiras anytime soon, Blizz? Please?)

I am really looking forward to writing for the Lorecraft.

Dark Lady, watch over you!
(Wyrmrest Accord H: Ickthid, Malkavien, Nyronal, Tholmai)