Carrying the title of Champion of the Horde, beastmaster Rexxar, has done many great things for his faction. The massive beastmaster and warrior is always seen wielding two great axes and followed by his loyal companion Misha the bear.

Though he truly is a great and mighty warrior, the huge half-blood has always had a soft spot for his loyal animal companions.

Rexxar, Beastmaster of Mok’Nathal

Not only being a rare half-orc half-ogre, Rexxar is also known as being the last son of the Mok’Nathal Clan. The Mok’Nathal is a clan of orc/ogre hybrids, that were created by pacifist orcs and ogres. Born into the clan of Mok’Nathal, he was the child of an unknown female orc and Mok’Nathal’s chieftain Leoroxx.

Rexxar had little interest in the pacifist ways of the Mok’Nathal, and he soon joined the Horde. After the fall of Shattrath City, Warchief Blackhand was strongly considering killing off the peaceful Mok’Nathal Clan. However, Rexxar convinced him to leave them be, and spare his people. Having done what was right, the half-blood decided to leave behind Draenor as he travelled through the Dark Portal.

Champion of the Horde

During his many adventures and missions in Azeroth, Rexxar fought alongside many allies and even foes. Some of the most famous are Thrall, Vol’Jin, Chen Stormstout and even Jaina Proudmoore. Of the many tales of the beastmaster’s accomplishments, his adventure with the Stonemaul Clan is probably the most famous.

After a long and tiring adventure, Rexxar returned to Vol’jin in his hometown Darkspear Village. Vol’jin told him that a new warlord had taken over the ogre-clan Stonemaul, and that the new warlord was brutal and ruining the lives of the ogres. Rexxar took off to help the poor ogres but was not allowed into the clan due to his mixed blood. He then proved his worth and impressed the warlord, named Kor’Gall, and was eventually allowed access.

Rexxar then had to fight Warlord Kor’Gall for his position as chieftain. The warlord turned out to be much stronger than Rexxar had thought, and he had to rely a lot on his loyal beasts. In the end, Kor’Gall fell and Rexxar claimed his new title as the chieftain of Stonemaul. Rexxar then led the clan to the Tidefury Cove, where Thrall received them. For this, and many other accomplishments, Thrall honored Rexxar with the title: Champion of the Horde.

Where is he now?

Rexxar is currently spending his day on the Broken Shore, like many other famous heroes. He can be found camping in the mountains of Highmountain with Misha. Unseen Path, an organization of hunters, approached him and he gave them a challenge; to survive the night like he does, as he believed that they weren’t action-takers. He was proven wrong and continues to teach his ways to new hunters that desire his wisdom.