Portraits of Warcraft

Rexxar, Champion of the Horde

Rexxar, hunter, warrior, half-blood. Here is just a teaser about where he comes from and some quick facts about his life up until now.

John J Keeshan – Unsung Hero

As I have been working on my Loremaster achievement, I run into all types of NPCs. For the first time ever, I completed the entirety of the Redridge Mountains, and I ran into John J Keeshan. Though he seems a bit comedic in many ways, if you actually delve into his...

Warden Stillwater, The Patriot

Warden Stillwater, a Forsaken with a plan. Though he goes against Sylvanas, might he just be trying to ensure the survival of his race?

Marshal McBride, a Leader and a Soldier

Marshal McBride has seen it all. And now he is left in charge of a little valley, fending off goblins and Blackrock orcs.

Greatmother Unaya Hawkwind – Humble Shu’halo

Greatmother Unaya Hawkwind was a humble and thoughtful Shu’halo that helped watch over the Tauren of the Red Cloud Mesa. This is her story.

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